Products & Services

RPC is a multi-disciplined specialist advisory group offering a “one-stop” range of consulting services, including:

Design, management and communication of Remuneration Packages, Car Plans, Short Term Incentives, Long Term Incentives.
Design and implementation of Share Plans, Option Plans, Replicator Plans and Savings Plans.
Reward strategy development.
Directors' remuneration "reasonableness" sign off.
Remuneration package “What If” management software ("REMPAC" and "RAPID REMPAC").
Executive financial planning.
Wealth Accumulation Plans for employees of non taxpaying employers.

Performance Based Employee Equity

Description of main plan types.

Tax Exempt Employee Share Plan – facilitates the provision of up to $1,000 p.a. of shares in their employer tax free to employees.
Tax Deferred Employee Share Plan – facilitates the provision of shares in their employer to employees with income tax deferred for up to 10 years. This plan type can be used to assist in retention and motivation.
Employee Option Plan – facilitates the provision of options to employees with income taxation choices. Used to attract, retain and motivate key employees.
Equity Replicator Plan – used in the pursuit of the same objectives of share and option plans by employers in situations where the use of shares or options is not available or not appropriate.

Short Term Incentive Plans

Description of main plan types.

Bonus Plans – discretionary distribution of monetary rewards, simple and flexible.
Profit Share Plans – distribution of a “profit pool” generally on the basis of level, base remuneration or performance, reinforce group drive and only pay rewards upon achievement.
Target Based Incentive Plans – incentive payments arise from the attainment of specific targets agreed in advance with the employee, sharp focus and objective measures.

Remuneration Packaging

Our service covers the design, documentation and communication of a flexible range of benefits to employees under a total employment cost approach. Benefits of total employment cost method:

Better Control of remuneration costs.
Better appreciation of benefits by employees.
More equitable remuneration.

REMPAC – Complete Package Budget Control

Detailed expenditure monitoring and reporting facilities.
Customisation facilities available.

Reporting by cost centre or division.

Ability to interface with payroll and general ledger system with ease.
Ability to interface with payroll and general ledger system with ease.
Automatic FBT reporting.
Easy bottom-line package communication.
New benefits with appropriate tax codes easily designed and created.
Able to undertake any number of “what if” calculations and projections.